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Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy

This is the Sullivan County Community College policy for the acceptable use of computers and networks made available to faculty, staff, students, contractors, consultants, vendors and other eligible community members. The act of accessing your computer account represents your acceptance of this policy. You are expected to abide by its contents.

Computer networks have been established for the enrichment of learning at SCCC. In this resource, there exists material which may be considered pornographic, racist, or in other ways offensive. This policy addresses acceptable use of SCCC computer resources and the responsibilities of the College to prevent their misuse. The use of SCCC computers and networks is a privilege rather than a right. Users of SCCC computer resources who violate the following guidelines may lose this privilege.

User Responsibilities:

    • Computers are to be used only for educational purposes, administrative and other support activities considered consistent with the mission of the College.

    • Language in email must conform to acceptable SCCC academic standards. The use of language that could reasonably be considered profane, racist, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate is forbidden. Harassment of other users in any way is forbidden.

    • Disguising the source of electronic messages or sending anonymous, threatening or harassing email is prohibited.

    • Accessing, downloading, or storage of copyrighted software or information for which the college is not licensed is forbidden. Specifically prohibited is the use of programs to download multimedia files such as music recordings and videos. Student recreational viewing of multimedia material not assigned for class work is prohibited.

    • Transmission of any material in violation of any United States or New York State regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material or material protected by trade secret.

    • Distributing, viewing, storing, or editing any kind of profane images or documents is forbidden.

    • Use of SCCC computing resources for commercial or profit-making activities is not acceptable, except as specifically approved by the College.

    • System security relies upon the secrecy of users’ passwords. Accounts should not be "shared" for any reason and users should ensure they are logged off before leaving a computer.

    • Accessing or attempting to access any computer, network or resource for which the user does not have authorization is strictly prohibited and may lead to immediate and permanent revocation of computer privileges. SCCC will not be responsible for any liability of any kind arising from the violation of this rule.

    • Deliberate disruption of another user’s work or system is prohibited. This includes unauthorized access to another user’s work and activities that result in the loss of another’s work.

    • Users shall not play games, engage in Internet chatting, or use the computer resources for other non-academic activities in the academic computer labs. Individuals utilizing email services and Internet surfing not related to academic activities might be asked to give up their seats in the computer labs when seats are needed.

    • Users must exercise good citizenship with regard to realistic consumption of resources by avoiding activities that interfere with the ability of others to use SCCC’s computing resources.

    • Users employ information from the Internet at their own risk. SCCC specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through the Internet services.

Any user who violates the terms of this policy will be subject to temporary or permanent revocation of any or all computer privileges at the College’s discretion. The user agrees to hold SCCC harmless from any claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, relating to violations of this policy. Contractors, consultants and vendors are expected to supervise their employees and take appropriate action for violations. Failure to do so may result in termination of SCCC provided computer and network access.

The Network Administrators’ Responsibilities:

    • Investigate charges pertaining to violations of this policy and report such charges to the appropriate disciplinary body.

    • Grant or revoke user accounts (which allow access to computer network)

    • Provide supervision of users using the network.

    • Allow use of specific computer applications.

    • Monitor which Internet sites are being accessed.

    • Inspect user work areas to insure compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy.

    • Modify the Acceptable Use Policy, at any time, in conjunction with the Administration and Faculty, publishing any modifications over the Campus Wide Network.

Comments or suggestions regarding this policy may be sent to