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A Guide for Visitors to the Hermann Memorial Library


The Hermann Memorial Library welcomes guests who are not students, faculty or staff to utilize the library's collections and computers in accordance with the following guidelines.


Guests have access to the Library's book, periodical and database collections as well as study rooms for individual use during their visits to the Library. This includes access to the E-Book collections. Additionally, Sullivan County residents may obtain a county patron book borrower's card for a yearly membership fee of $10. To obtain a card, a county patron must present adequate documentation to prove county residency. Acceptable documentation includes:

• NYS driver's license with county address

• NYS non-driver ID with county address

• Other photo ID and proof of address such as tax or utility bill to a county address in
the name of the individual applying for a borrower's card.

County patrons may check out up to eight books at a time. Book loans are for 21 days. Loans may be renewed three times as long as no one else has requested the items. County patrons may be billed for any lost, damaged or long overdue loans. County patron cards also allow the user to utilize interlibrary loan (ILL) service to obtain books and journal articles from other libraries. County patrons may borrow up to two ILL books at a time.


The Library is a WIFI enabled zone, as is the area outside the Library's entrance. Guests may log in and access the WIFI network using the "WIFI Guest" option. No password is required.


Library computers are intended for Internet and database research as well as email access, and are to be used primarily for research purposes. In order to track usage, guests must sign in and may be asked to show a picture ID before staff members log them on to the computers if they are available: priority is always given to our students in seating. Computer privileges for county patrons and guests do not include printing or access to word processing software or other programs. An exception is prospective students and their families, who will be permitted to print what is necessary for their application process. All policies as outlined in the "SUNY Sullivan Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy," the "SUNY Sullivan Computer and Network Use Policy for Non-Students" and "Computer Rules in the Library" are applicable. These documents are available in the library or on the college website.

For additional computer time and access to word-processing software, guests also may utilize the campus computer labs for $5 per hour. Payment should be made at the student billing counter in Gold Founders Hall (lower J building) during their regular business hours of 9 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday.