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Workforce Development

Workforce Development, Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning


This division offers individuals and businesses learning opportunities that contribute to business success, enhance career prospects, and provide personal enrichment.

Business Services
Business services empower companies to succeed in a rapidly changing economy by strengthening factors that contribute to a competitive advantage. Our services include:

• Customized training
• Referral to business resources
• Bi-annual newsletter

Business services enable employers and their staff to quickly apply new knowledge and improve business outcomes.

Continuing Education and Professional Development
Individuals need to develop and enhance their skills to thrive in today’s challenging labor market. This may involve:

• Building the basic skills and career goals that establish a foundation for success
• Meeting requirements for licensure or certification
• Staying current with technology or other changes impacting an occupation, profession or workplace

Our programs support this ongoing professional learning, while providing individuals with relevant certifications and/or continuing education units.

Lifelong Learning and Personal Enrichment
People grow through experience and new learning. Our programs offer an environment in which to meet other people with shared interests, and to participate in group discussions, “hands-on” activities or travel. Prior formal education or knowledge in a subject area is not required. Explore learning opportunities in:

• Personal Enrichment
• College for Educational Enrichment

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